Herbarium of Stories

Herbarium of Stories, Kathryn Parsons

Leaves from the Langdyke Countryside Trust’s nature reserves... patterned in to ephemeral photographs by sunlight and time, they tell of Langdyke volunteers, wildlife and landmarks.

The process is slow and unpredictable. It can take days or just a few hours for the image to emerge. Many leaves fail to produce a clear image at all, making each one that succeeds all the more precious.

Mounted as herbarium specimens to protect and preserve them as long as possible, they are a tribute to the people of Langdyke who notice, get to know, understand, protect and preserve the wildlife and heritage of the Trust’s reserves.

Tern Rafting, Langdyke Herbarium of Stories, Kathryn Parsons

Bainton Walk, Herbarium of Stories, Kathryn Parsons

Created as part of the Langdyke Stories project led by Art Pop-Up in 2019, with Langdyke Countryside Trust. The Herbarium of Stories was first exhibited at the historic St Kyneburgha, in Castor, at Langdyke's 20th anniversary celebration.