I create intricate, intimate hand-made sculptures that weave together tales of people, places and the natural world. Often these are site-specific interventions or installations at heritage sites.

It is the small details of nature that inspire me. Whether I’m looking at a fragment of lichen-encrusted bark or through a lens at a piece of coral, natural structures, textures and forms delight me.

As I explore these treasures, and delve into the history of the place, I find myself wanting to share their stories. Through sculpture I select and combine the elements that most fascinate me. Sometimes new species emerge… new wonders of the natural world that have been waiting to be discovered.

The materials used depend on the story to be told; from porcelain plants and ephemeral chlorophyll photographs to wildflower-shoes made of sugar. Hand modelled porcelain is currently at the heart of my practice, often combined with found natural and vintage objects. Porcelain’s preciousness, fragility and strength say something of how I perceive the natural world, and I enjoy the challenges of modelling this demanding clay using simple tools. Whatever the material, each sculpture is created by hand, each one is unique, each one is a treasure.

My work has been exhibited at The Victoria and Albert Museum, The National Centre for Craft & Design (solo exhibition) and City Gallery Peterborough, and as site specific interventions at Burghley House, John Clare Cottage, Northampton Museum, Derby Museum and on nature reserves with Langdyke Countryside Trust. The Herbarium at Derby Museum now includes four tiny porcelain 'lichen' specimens.

I have trained in ceramics, design, printmaking and sugarcraft, and am currently the Langdyke Countryside Trust's Artist in Residence.