Works for Sale

Works for Sale, Kathryn Parsons

Found and Treasured is a series of mixed media sculptures, created as small treasures for your home.

Inspired by nature and a tiny old pillbox that found a home with Kathryn a few years ago. Filled with miniature seashells and a note saying "Red Sea", Kathryn noticed how precious the little box felt to her.... and began imaging what other treasures might be nestling in other old boxes just waiting to be rediscovered...

Found and Treasured, Kathryn Parsons, collage

Exquisite hand modelled porcelain ‘finds’, found objects and ephemera nestle in vintage & retro containers. Each collection is unique, telling its own imagined story of a place and time when something beautiful was found and treasured.

The tell of the wonder and beauty that is found in nature, and a desire to protect and cherish it... while harking back to times when biodiversity was more abundant.

Found and Treasured, Kathryn Parsons

Buying or commissioning a sculpture
If you are interested in buying or commissioning a sculpture please contact me to discuss your ideas.

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On-line shop
My projects often inspire the creation of small treasures, and ceramic jewellery, that can happily travel by post - see my Folksy 'shop' or get in touch.

"On This Shining Night" hand modelled porcelain, vintage & natural finds in vintage tin